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​The Most Important Gardening Tools When The Sun Is Beating Down

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You always hear about people loving the fall season because of the colors. People love winter because of the snow and the holidays. People love spring because of the mild temperatures and new growth. And people love summer because of the warm-weather activities such as swimming and vacations...and, of course, gardening!

Of course, a super-hot summer can be tough on gardens. The nice temperatures of late spring and early fall are easy on your plants, but the direct heat of the summer sun can bake the ground and wither the leaves of garden plants. Here are some of the most common garden tools that people are stopping by frostproof for this time of year.

Watering Tools

While many plants’ instructions might say “full sun,” that doesn’t mean that the sun is all it needs! Many plants are only able to handle that full sun if they get the right amount of water to hydrate their cells and keep from drying out.

Frostproof Growers Supply keeps a huge selection of watering tools so that gardens (both vegetable and flower) can be kept wet when the summer sun is at its hottest. Here are some of the best.

  • Garden Hoses - Water isn’t going to get anywhere without a good garden hose. Unfortunately, many hoses don’t fall into the good category and will warp, pinch, and break. Frostproof makes sure to keep the best Gilmour Flexogen garden hoses on hand in various lengths so that you’ll always be able to get the water where it needs to be.
  • Garden Hose Spray Nozzles - How many spray nozzles have you purchased over the years? Probably too many. Most watering nozzles are cheaply made and start to leak after only a season. Frostproof carries better nozzles so that you can deliver the water to just the right spot.
  • Watering Nozzles - Watering nozzles are a great way to get the water where you need it while staying out of the way. When you use a watering nozzle, you can reach over prickly bushes or hard-to-reach spots of the yard. They’re also great for watering the garden without having to step into the mud you just created.
  • Root Watering Tools - Too many of us forget about the importance of watering our trees. Just because a tree is established doesn’t mean that it’s getting all of the water it wants. Sure, the tree might not die if you don’t water it, but it might not thrive either — or produce as much fruit — if it’s not fully watered.
  • Water Timers - Many underground sprinkler systems are designed to completely cover the yard with their water spray. Unfortunately, a garden that was put into the yard after the fact might not be covered by standard sprinkler patterns. When used in conjunction with outdoor spigots and garden hoses, these water timers make sure the garden is watered at regular intervals.
  • Garden Hose Reels - While a garden hose reel isn’t a requirement for getting plants properly watered, it is an excellent way to make sure you’re not tripping over the hose and breaking a leg! Our metal garden hose reels really hold up, so click that link to check them out.

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is knitted or woven cloth that reduces the amount of sunlight that’s reaching particular plants. While some sunlight is necessary for all plants to grow, there are certain plants that will wilt before they get a chance to establish roots and start drawing moisture from the soil. Shade cloth is also a great option to protect the plants and the soil from too much water loss. After all, less sun hitting an area means less evaporation.

Shade cloth is usually used at the beginning of the season to protect plants in their early growing stages. But some plants will need shade cloth even after they’ve taken root, and the shade cloth Frostproof offers is a great option to knock down the sun’s heat and radiation by between 30% and 90%.

Is It Getting Too Hot For Your Plants?

Frostproof Growers Supply has many ways to keep your plants cool and ensure that they’re getting the water they need. We want your plants to thrive, and that means having the right garden tools on hand to make sure they do so. Click those links above to find the best gardening tools to get you through the summer!

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