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​Early-Spring Gardening Tips And The Garden Hand Tools You’ll Need

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While many Frostproof customers are large-scale companies looking for nursery supplies and orchard supplies, we also get our share of backyard gardeners stopping by for garden hard tools such as grafting knives, pruning tools, shovels, spades, and gardening tools. Here at Frostproof, we love these gardeners and those who want to take care of their trees. Whether they want the best for their tomatoes or are trying to perfectly sculpt their backyard orange tree, we have the supplies they’re looking for any time of year.

Now that spring is right around the corner for most of the country, we thought we’d take a look at some early spring gardening tips you might be able to use in order to get ready for the coming growing season.

Get Your Tools Ready

While many of us are sad to see the growing season over (we don’t want those fresh fruits and vegetables to end, after all), we’re also tired of the work that comes along with keeping a garden. Once that first frost ends, most of us are fine with hanging up the garden tools for winter.

Most of us put our tools away without the proper care at the end of winter, so when you’re champing at the bit to get ready for spring planting make sure that tools are up to the task. Sharpen your shovels and your pruners, and make sure that any broken tools have been repaired or replaced.

Repair Winter Damage to the Landscape

A lot can happen to your landscape during winter. Sometimes it’s to the plants themselves (tree branches that break under snow), and other times it’s to the landscaping materials themselves (landscaping bricks that cracked during the freezing temperatures).

While you might have to wait to get the plants in the ground, you can usually use this time to get the permanent landscaping and hardscaping components back in order. Do you need to level your paving stones because tree roots are forcing them up? Maybe your snowblower took a chunk of dirt out of the yard? If you’re itching to get to work on your yard, just get out there and make it happen...you’ll have more time when it’s time to put in the garden itself!

Amend the Soil

While fertilizers can be a big part of gardening when your plants are in the ground, it’s vitally important that you start with healthy soil. Start with finding out where your soil currently stands with pH meters and soil testing kits. When you know what your soil needs most, you’ll be able to supplement it with the proper type of gardening soil and manure.

While it might sound strange to some people, composting is a lot of fun. You get to take stuff that would usually go to the dump and turn it into dirt! Your composter probably didn’t create much dirt during winter — the microbes are often mostly dormant — but we bet there’s some nice dirt in the middle of the composter that could be dropped on the garden to get it ready for the spring planting.

Be Prepared For Frost

Let’s say it the beginning of April and all of your spring plants are in the ground. You felt safe planting them because, where you live, it simply doesn’t frost this late in the season. But the climate is changing, and now you hear that you’re going to lose all of your plants.

Wondering how to protect plants from frost? Be ready for those late frosts with the proper frost protection. Frostproof Growers Supply is an expert at protecting plants from late frosts in spring and early frosts in the fall. Order this protection before you need it and you’ll be ready to save your plants on those cold spring nights.

Ready To Plant?

We’re sure you’re ready for spring to be here, even if it’s too early to plant in most parts of the country. But just because the plants can’t go into the ground yet doesn’t mean that you can’t get ready for spring in other ways. Get ready for spring with our garden hand tools and have a great summer of growing!

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