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Pest Control

As any gardener knows, their fruit and vegetable plants are inviting treats for deer and insects. Pests come in all shapes and sizes and can wreak havoc on a garden that is unprotected. At Frostprood we carry a wide variety of animal repellent and pest control products including netting, fencing, sprays and traps that will safeguard your garden or nursery from deer, insects, rodents and other pests. Whether your garden is in a suburb or city, you need to ensure no animals or insects get to feast on your flowers and plants, and with our terrific pest control products you can keep your garden or nursery safe.
Most gardens should have some form of fencing or netting surrounding the crops and flowers. Deer and other animals will take advantage of an unprotected garden and feast on your plants at night. However, by placing a secure fence or net around the garden you can easily deter most animals from attempting to get in to your garden or nursery. Our fencing and netting attaches easily to metal or wood stakes and is made from UV treated ¾" polypropylene for a durable deterrent. Other high quality animal repellent products we offer include fox, coyote and bobcat urine that are designed to simulate the scent of a predator that will keep deer, elk, armadillos and wild boars from coming near your garden. When prey get whiff of a predator's scent they tend to avoid those areas and with a few simple shakes of the right animal repellent you can keep many bothersome animals far from your plants.

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