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Safety Supplies

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Working in a garden can be fun and relaxing experience, but also hazardous. From prickly thorn bushes and rocky terrain to insects and chemical sprays, you can be at risk for a number of accidents, bites and injuries. In order to ensure your gardening experience is safe shop the wide selection of safety supplies available at Frostproof Growers Supply. We have th egarden products you need, from high-performance ear muffs that will protect hearing when large farm machinery is running to chemical resistant Nitrile gloves that will allow you to handle potentially poisonous vines and chemically treated plants we have a full selection of protective gear that will make your working in a garden or nursery safe and productive.
While many people imagine working in a garden to be a leisurely and relaxing experience there are potential hazards that can cause minor scrapes and serious respiratory problems if you are not well-protected. At Frostproof we know the dangers gardens and nurseries contain and that's why we offer a great selection of gardening products health and safety gear designed to protect all parts of your body. From full chemical suits and respirator masks to be worn when spraying pesticides on groves and fields to safety goggles and PVC boots that keep you safe from airborne debris and chemical and barnyard waste, you can be secure knowing that you're well-protected. 

Frostproof Growers Supply has the tools for gardening and nursery supplies you need. Check it out!

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