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Measuring Tools

Gardening and harvesting is a science and the more you measure and test the better your results will be. At Frostproof we have a huge selection of measuring tools and instruments that can help improve the condition of your soil, gauge temperatures and weather, test the ph balance and mark off plant rows so you get the best harvest possible. Whether you're a dedicated home gardener or a commercial grower, our measuring tools will make your horticulture and agriculture work easier and more accurate. If your soil is too dry or too wet it can affect the growth of plants and trees and with our accurate measuring tools you'll be able to keep your soil in the best condition for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers.
We also carry sophisticated measuring instruments including fertilizer testers, soil ph testers, acid test kits, salinity testers and brix test kits to keep an accurate measure of the condition of your soil. The more you know about the soil you are working with the better you can adjust water, temperature and fertilizer to improve growing conditions. For getting up-close to plants and trees we offer a variety of hand lenses that allow you to spot rust mites and other hard to see insects that may be harming your garden.

These garden products are designed to help you get the best possible results from your plants, so make the most of them and have a better season.

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