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Gardening Tools


Whether you tend a small garden at home or a large commercial nursery, you need the right tools for gardening to make it grow. At Frostproof, we carry a fantastic selection of high-quality garden tools from top brand name manufacturers, so you have everything you need to keep soil and plants healthy. Shop our wide selection of handy gardening tools, including axes, saws, shears, knives, garden gloves, aprons, and hats. We also have great products for carting away debris, including garden carts and leaf collection bins. So whether you need garden hand tools to improve the look of a home garden or durable tools to prune and shear large nurseries, Frostproof is your online source for the best gardening equipment.


Wide Variety 

When it comes to gardening supplies, there's no one quite like Frostproof. We have a tool for every outdoor task and activity, including:



Soil Tools: Gardening Trowels and Transplanting Spades are a few examples of the many utility items we provide to create the best garden for your plants, trees, and flowers to grow properly.  


icon-2.pngUproot and Pruning: Say goodbye to pesky weeds and other invasive plants thanks to our effective uprooting devices like the 62-Inch Pruning Stik and our Uproot Lawn & Garden Weeder


icon-3.pngSafety and Style:Protect yourself from the heat with our Tula Lattice Gardening Hat while keeping your hardworking hands in peak condition thanks to our Foxgloves Original Gardening Gloves.


These only scratch the surface when it comes to everything else we carry to support every home and commercial gardener's needs. We go out of our way to ensure that every type of lawn and garden imaginable is well-supported and catered to by providing the best items.


Extra utility items include shovels, loppers, saws, hedge shears, grass shears, lawn aerators, and rakes that can be used to cultivate, tend, and immaculate gardens and nurseries. Not only that, but many items like our Fiskars Knife and Axe Sharpener that holds great value even outside gardening without sacrificing performance quality.


image-2.pngMaking It Easier for Gardners

For the luxury and leisure of gardeners, we make sure to include our well-tested equipment, like our kneelers and gloves, for maximum safety and comfort. If you have a friend or family member who is interested in gardening but doesn't know how to comfortably approach it, gifting our signature basic garden products box is the way to go!



Even More For Your Gardening Needs

Got an even bigger garden or greenhouse that needs quality treatment? Our watering tools will keep your plants in great health while catering to the demand and size of your nursery. If you need to heighten the protection of your garden, we offer a variety of pest control items that will aid in creating and maintaining the perfect garden.


Get Rewarded

Frostproof Growers Supply loves seeing and supporting a genuine passion for gardening. That's why we offer free shipping whenever your items go over $60 in your order. We also offer a constant price match guarantee to provide the best prices on the market without ever cutting into the quality of our products.

Family-owned and operated for four generations and counting, Frostproof Growers Supply aims to maintain a mission to offer the best gardening and supply products for any lawn or garden. So no matter what garden tool you're looking for, a full selection of garden products, look no further than Frostproof Growers Supply.

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