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Protecting Your Plants From Frost

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As a gardener, there are few fears greater than the risk of losing plants to frost. While in most cases it can be easy to gauge the risk of frost based on the season, there are many places in the United States where frost can happen sporadically throughout the year. So what can you do to protect your plants from the frost this year?

At Frostproof Growers Supply, we sell a wide variety of garden products. That said, we got our start selling frost covers and other tools that can be used for garden protection. As frost protection experts, we decided to list some of our favorite garden protection tips and tricks. Continue reading to learn more.

Why Does Frost Protection Matter?

While most people see frost as a beautiful accent to the lawn on crip mornings, gardeners see it as a constant threat. Why? Well, frost injury plants by creating ice crystals inside of plant cells — and when ice crystals build-up, it leaves water and other fluids inaccessible to the plant tissues. Because of this, frost-damaged plants look very similar to a water-soaked plant that has become shriveled.

One defense that you can take as a gardener is to selectively choose frost-resistant plants to implement within your garden and landscaping. Often referred to as “hardy” plants, frost-resistant plants are capable of withstanding cooler temperatures than “tender” plants.

Site Selection

When you are planting vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants, it is incredibly important to choose a location that will hold heat well. Elevation, soil type, surface reflectivity, cover, and proximity to structures all affect how the plant will fare during cooler nights.

Avoid planting weaker plants in exposed areas or low spots. Instead, place them closer to structures (ideally on the south or west sides) and plant them near structures like fences, driveways, and walls that absorb heat during the day and radiate heat at night.

Plant Damage Happens — The Goal Is to Limit It

When gardeners experience frost damage for the first time, it is usually their first instinct to prune the damaged areas or dig up the plant entirely. In reality, plants are incredibly resilient and can often bring themselves back from the brink of death. That said, if after some time the damaged area does not begin to regrow or does not begin to sprout, it may be time to then prune the plant.

Shop Frost Covers & Garden Protection Tools Today

At Frostproof Growers Supply, we sell a number of different frost damage protection tools. One of the best ways to protect plants from frost is to set up a frost cover during the evening. Frost covers prevent the frost from developing on the plants — in turn keeping the plant fluids from freezing and damaging the plants.

Our plant covers are available in multiple forms for multiple different uses, with plant covers and row covers being the most common. So what are you waiting for? Browse our frost covers today so that you can protect your plants tomorrow. 

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