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​How Do You Protect Plants From Frost? We’ve Got the Answer

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Once again winter is on its way. (It’s like it happens every year or something.) Some parts of the country have already experienced their first frost, killing all but the hardiest plants in the garden. And once again, people are asking the question how do you protect plants from frost?

At Frostproof Growers Supply, we have the answer. We get business not just from orchards and nurseries, but also from individuals who are simply interested in getting another two weeks out of their tomato plants. Here are a few things that we can help with when it comes to late-fall garden protection.

But First…

It’s fall, so protecting plants from fall frosts is on our minds right now. But in truth, frost protection is just as important, if not more so, in spring. Buy them to protect your plants now, but don’t forget to bring them out to protect plants from those late spring frosts.

Who’s Buying Frost Blankets, And Why?

In most cases, nurseries and farmers are the primary purchasers of frost blankets and other types of frost covers.

Garden shops, garden shops, and groceries stores are other great customers. All of them might have a lot of flowering plants, often in hanging baskets, that they might not want to bring in every night. Protection such as plant frost covers (see below) provide and excellent way to keep the plants alive even when it gets cold.

Of course, there are also just homeowners who love their gardens and want to keep them around for a little longer. After all, the first frost can come weeks ahead of the second frost, so having frost protection on the plants can really help the harvest.

What Do You Need To Protect Plants From Frost?

Protecting plants from frost is a necessity, but it isn’t very difficult. Here are the products that can keep your garden a bit more protected as the winter season approaches.

Frost Covers

Frost covers are all about letting the light in while keeping the freezing, moist air out. Frost covers are most often used by nurseries in spring, but the smaller versions like our 12-foot by 10-foot are often used by gardeners interested in keeping their plants alive for a bit longer.

Plant Covers

Need something for just one or two plants? These plant covers are often used by homeowners who have a plant that they don’t want to (or can’t) bring in every night. This includes large potted plants or ones in the ground that are still flowering.

Row Covers

In most cases, row covers aren’t being purchased by your typical home gardener. These long row covers are most often used by nurseries who are interested in protecting long rows of new plants, so they’re actually used even more in spring than they are in winter. But if an early fall frost comes along, nothing is preventing them from protecting the plants that are in the ground and still growing.

Why Trust Frostproof?

Why should you trust Frostproof? While our name comes from the town we live in, we’ve taken a particular interest in protecting plants from frost. That’s why we have such an excellent selection of frost blankets and other ways to make sure that the freezing air isn’t nipping your plants too early.

Grab What You Need!

Whether you’re protecting plants from the frost about to hit, or your buying frost protection to save plants during spring, now is a great time to stock up (and don’t forget the anchoring pins) Click those links above to find exactly what you need!

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