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10 Essential Gardening Tools For Beginners

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There are many different reasons why people choose to start gardening. Maybe you helped your parents with their garden when you were a kid and you really looked forward to picking your own fruits and vegetables. Or, perhaps you’ve never had the space to have a garden before, but with a recent move, you now have plenty of room for that big, beautiful garden you’ve always wanted. Whatever your reason, gardening is a wonderful hobby that has many benefits. It’s a way to get exercise (gardening can be hard work!), it gets you outside in the fresh air and sunshine, and it reduces stress, among other things.

In today’s post from Frostproof Growers Supply, we want to help those who may be new to gardening. If you’ve ever browsed one of those big home and garden stores or have been to a gardening supply store such as ours, you know that there are thousands of gardening tools out there. And, you just might be tempted to buy far more than you need. Knowing just what is required to get started can help you save money and make most garden tasks much easier. Keep reading for our list of the top essential gardening tools for beginners, and if you’re ready to get started with your own Garden, visit Frostproof Growers Supply for all of your gardening supplies.

Gardening Gloves

Having a good, quality pair of waterproof gardening gloves is a must. You’ll be using your garden tools to do a lot of digging, trimming, raking, and lifting and without the proper hand protection, your hands can get cut, scraped, and blistered. Gloves are also necessary protection for any existing cuts or scrapes you may already have. Enjoy gardening more and keep your hands safe with a good pair of gloves.

Garden Apron

While it may not seem like an apron is a necessary tool for gardening, it’s a simple thing that will make working in your yard that much more enjoyable. A garden apron with plenty of pockets allows you to carry small tools and supplies wherever you go. It’s easy to leave a trail of items behind, especially if you’re working in several areas of your garden. And, those tools have a way of getting covered up by dirt or foliage, making them hard to find when you need them. Always keep your essentials handy by placing them in your garden apron so you’ll have them readily available when you move on to the next area.


Pruners are small hand-held shears that can be used to clip small branches and flowers. Think of them as powerful little scissors for your garden. They’re perfect for trimming thorny bushes like roses, and they’re powerful enough to trim thick plant stems and hard shrub branches. Don’t rely on your kitchen shears to do these jobs, otherwise, you’ll likely cause damage to the plant and hurt your hand in the process.

Water Hose

Every garden needs a water hose. Sure you can use a watering can if you only have a few containers, but if you have even a modest size garden, a hose is the way to go. When shopping for your hose, you’ll want to consider a few key factors, starting with determining what kind of hose you’ll need. Do you need a soaking hose to put in your garden or around bushes and trees, giving them small amounts of water over a longer period of time? Or, do you need a standard garden hose that you can carry all around your garden?

You’ll also need to know how long of a hose you’ll need. Make sure it can reach to the farthest area of your garden. It’s very important that you invest in a good, quality hose. Buying the cheapest one you can find will likely result in you having to buy a new hose before the season is over. Most people store their garden hoses outside which means it will endure many hot summer days in the sun. Do yourself a favor and get a hose that will hold up to all sorts of weather conditions and will last you for many years to come.

Hand Trowel

Next to your gardening gloves, a hand trowel is likely going to be one of the gardening tools you use the most. It’s like a small, narrow shovel with a tapered end and its uses are endless. You can use it to dig holes for planting or transferring plants to pots. It can also be used to break up small areas of dirt, mix in fertilizer, or remove small weeds. A hand trowel’s size makes it extremely versatile and easy to carry around - especially if you’re wearing your garden apron.

Watering Wand

Similar to your garden hose, a watering wand is a tool that can make tending to your garden so much easier. It attaches to the end of your hose and allows you to reach all of the areas that you need to get to without having to bend, stretch, or climb a ladder. It’s great for hanging plants as well as getting under bushes and in other tight places. Like your hose, you’ll want to determine how long of a watering wand you’ll need and then make sure you’re buying a durable one that’s made to last.

Hand Cultivator

A hand cultivator is like a mini-version of a huge farm cultivator and its purpose is the same. Shaped like a fork with bent prongs it’s used to turn the soil and remove weeds. It’s easy-to-manage hand-held size makes it perfect for smaller flower or vegetable gardens. You can also use it to help create rows for planting.


Loppers are another great tool to have, especially if you have several trees or bushes to maintain. You can think of a lopper as a larger version of a pruner, with longer handles for more leverage and force. Loppers are used to trim overhead branches, cut larger-diameter weeds, and reach deep into shrubbery.

Hedge Shears

Hedge shears are like super-sized scissors with two handles and two long, sharp blades. If your garden has any bushes or shrubs, you’ll definitely want a pair of these. Trim a hedge to create a long, even surface with one swift clip of your hedge shears. Sure, you could also use your pruners to get the job done, but you’d be there for days. Using pruners to shape bushes and hedges is like using your kitchen scissors to cut the grass. When it comes to garden tools, it’s all about having the right ones for the job. With the appropriate tools, you can get done what you need to more quickly and easily.


Just like hedge shears are similar to pruners, only bigger, a shovel is similar to a trowel, only much bigger. Shovels are another one of those extremely versatile garden tools you simply can’t do without. Use them to dig large holes, transfer or remove dirt, build up garden beds, dig trenches, dig up plants with deep roots, cut through sod, and much more.

Shovels have so many uses which is why they come in so many shapes and sizes. You can find them with flat or pointed tips, some are more narrow which means they are more suited to digging in smaller areas and creating trenches. Others are very broad, with a large, flat tip. They aren’t used for digging, but they’re great for moving large amounts of stone or gravel. These are just some of the shovels available - there are many others and they come in a variety of materials. Knowing what you’re trying to accomplish can help you determine which shovel you need for the job.

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