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Frost Protection

Cold air, extreme UV sunlight and frost can all combine to damage crops, plants and flowers and if you want to keep your garden or nursery well protected year round shop our wide selection of frost and plant covers that are designed to give your plants the protection it takes to grow properly. From small plant covers to entire field row covers we carry a great selection of high quality lightweight and permeable fabric plant covers that keep cold air out while still allowing air, light and water to pass through. Most of our frost covers are machine washable and can be re-used every growing season.
Our collection of frost covers features UV-treated polypropylene fabric that raises temperatures as much as 6-8 degrees while still allowing air, light and moisture to pass through so your plants and flowers are protected from frost but can still get the elements needed to grow. Easy to install our frost and plant covers can be brought up quickly when temperatures are expected to drop and removed just as fast when the sun heats up.