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What You’ll Need To Get Your Yard and Garden Through the Summer

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There aren’t many places in the country where it doesn’t get really hot at some point or another. Even northern states are known for getting extremely hot, and states that people associate with snow, such as Utah and Colorado, can easily reach 90-degree temperatures or higher.

That means that there will be times when most every lawn and garden out there is at risk because of the intense heat, which means that you should be ready with the proper garden products when the temperatures start to get up there. Let’s take a look at some of the most important gardening tools that should be in everyone’s cart.


Watering is one of the most important things you can do for you plants, especially those that haven’t been in the ground long. Before roots have had a chance to go deep enough to find water, the trees, garden plants, shrubs, and just about every plant you put in the ground will need supplemental water.

It’s important to be smart with your watering, though. Water too much and you’ll simply experience runoff, which doesn’t do anyone any good and ends up costing you money. That’s why it’s important to pick the right tool for watering. One place to start is with water timers, which can set the exact amount of time you want your water to be on. While these are very common with sprinkler systems for the yard, it’s important to find one for the garden that can deliver just the right amount.

Another important aspect of watering is the watering wand and hose end nozzles. It’s important to find the right way to deliver the water, because having the wrong tool could cause you to put too much or too little water on your plants. When it comes to delicate plants you’ve just put in the ground, you should always have a nozzle with the proper setting so that you aren’t damaging the plants with too hard a spray. After all, knocking the flowers off from a tomato plant means no tomatoes!

Moisture Meters

It’s no secret that different plants like different levels of moisture. So before you even get to the watering tools mentioned above, make sure you know how much water is already in the soil. We have both professional models and home gardener varieties of moisture meters so that you’re getting each plant the exact amount of moisture that it needs.

Shade Cloth

Not every plant needs full sun right away, but you still need to get them in the ground so that they can start growing. That’s where shade cloth comes in. We have a great variety of both knitted and woven shade cloth that can knock down the amount of sun that’s hitting new or sun-shy plants, even if there’s no other shade around. We have a variety of shade cloths that can block between 30-percent and 90-percent of sunlight. It’s the perfect way to protect your plants from too much sun on hot summer days!

The summer can be a great time to grow plants, but it can also be deadly for them. Make sure you have the exact tools you need from Frostproof Growers Supply!

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