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​The Best Garden Products For The Elderly Gardener

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Gardening is a lifelong endeavor. Children love to play in the dirt, dig holes, and watch stuff grow. Adults enjoy “getting back to nature” and offsetting at least a little of the grocery bill with some home grown produce. Those who are getting up there in age enjoy the tranquility that gardening and landscaping can bring.

Today we’re going to talk about that last category, the elderly gardener. More than likely it’s someone who’s been gardening all of their lives but might need a little bit more help getting the gardening done in comfort. Let’s take a look at some of the best garden products for those who might not have the movement or dexterity they once did.

Watering Wands

It seems like everyone has back problems at one time or another in life, and leaning can be one of the most difficult positions to maintain. That’s where watering wands come in. While they’re great for anyone who needs that extra reach, they’re especially effective for someone who wants to water those hard-to-reach plants and can’t afford to lean over to do so. Keep those plants green no matter how your back feels with a watering wand!

Garden Carts

When you’re young, it’s easy to get down on your knees, dig that hole for the tomato plant, and scoot down to take care of the next one. But somewhere around 40, most of us start feeling a weakening of the knees that prevents us from getting up or shimmying the way we’d like.

Garden carts are a great way to move through the garden without having to get up so often. At the same time, many of them provide storage space so that you can keep you garden hand tools with you at all times.

Garden Kneelers

Again with the knees! Once again, pains and uncomfortable positions that we used to ignore can be debilitating once we reach a certain age. Garden kneelers are a great way to protect the knees and joints while working in the garden or on landscaping. After all, that rock your knee landed on when you were 30 caused a bit of pain that was quickly forgotten. But that rock you land on in old age could cause you a lot more problems. Grab these cushions and knee pads today!

Ratchet Pruners

When it comes to anvil or bypass pruners, the cut is determined by the sharpness of the blade and the strength in the hand. Due to arthritis and other age-related problems, hand strength often diminishes as we age. That’s where ratchet pruners come in. While they’re often intended for a young person to be able to cut through larger branches, they’re also an excellent option for an older person to cut through smaller branches using the multi-step ratcheting action.

Gardening Gloves

Tiny cuts, scrapes, and pokes received while landscaping were just a part of gardening when you were young. You got hurt, slapped some bacitracin and a band-aid on it, and you pretty much forgot about it. But when a person gets older, these small things can become much more serious. The elderly often have compromised immune systems, whether it’s because of medications or simply because of age. (People 75+ are the least-likely group to have had a recent tetanus shot.) Gardening gloves are great for every age group, but should especially be worn by the elderly in order to prevent these small injuries that could have big consequences. Some are so nimble that they can even accommodate people who have trouble grabbing with traditional garden gloves.

We want you gardening for a lifetime, and that’s why we carry some great garden products to help you keep up with your favorite plants. Check out all of our garden hand tools right here!

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