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Benefits of Organic Gardening


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More and more people across the country are growing their own food in organic gardens to improve the health of themselves and the environment. Here are some of the many benefits of organic gardening.

Food grown organically is healthier and more nutritious than food grown on conventional farms. Organic gardening does not rely on chemicals that can rob the soil and plants of nutrients. Food grown organically is not treated with pesticides that can leave harmful residues on food that have been linked to a host of medical problems.

Food grown in an organic garden tastes better than store-bought produce. Vegetables grown organically are not treated with chemicals, are grown in nutrient-rich soil, are given plenty of time to mature, and are eaten soon after they are picked. All of these factors contribute to better-tasting vegetables.

Growing food organically can save you a lot of money. For the price of seeds, fertilizer, water, and some tools, you can grow enough vegetables to last at least six months, which can save you hundreds of dollars over the long term.

You can also reap many rewards from the act of gardening itself. Being outdoors will expose you to fresh air, which is good for both your physical and mental health. Most people spend the majority of their time indoors, where air is much less clean and healthy than outdoors. Exposure to the sun will also help your body produce vitamin D, which is essential for the efficient absorption of calcium that contributes to strong, healthy bones. Exposure to micro-organisms in garden soil can strengthen your immune system. Gardening is also a good form of moderate exercise that can help you burn calories, build strength, and lose weight.


Organic gardening can foster a sense of community. You can share ideas, tips, and possibly tools and space, with other gardeners. You will also likely wind up with more vegetables than you and your family can possibly eat yourselves, and you can share them with others or donate them to a food bank.

Organic gardening is better for the environment than traditional gardening. It works with the ecosystem and supports the growth of a variety of plants and insects that work together for the overall health of the plants and soil. By not using chemicals and pesticides, you will not be polluting the soil or ground water. Organic gardening uses fewer raw materials than conventional gardening and returns nutrients to the soil.



Growing food organically offers many benefits compared to traditional gardening. It is good for both the body and mind, produces food that is healthier, and helps to protect the environment.



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