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Best Garden Safety Supplies


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garden safety glassesWhile fun and offering the opportunity to get back to nature, tending to a garden is not without its risks and hazards. From insects and thorny stems to intense UV sunlight and dangerous chemicals, a garden can contain elements that you need to protect yourself from. Being around plants, soil, grass and leaves can mean a lot of airborne debris and this can easily cause eyes to irritate. Also, loud equipment such as lawn mowers and leaf blowers may require ear muffs to muffle the noise.

Every garden is different and will have its own set of unique issues, but in general you should never tackle any gardening project without the following safety supplies:

First Aid Kit: Scratches and cuts are part of life when you work in a garden. Thorns, bee stings and splinters abound and if you want to avoid bacteria and infections, have a high quality first aid kit in your garden shed or garage. Most cuts you sustain in a garden will be easy to treat but it is essential that you disinfect any open wounds to prevent disease. A basic first aid kit will contain all the safety products you need to perform emergency first response.

Garden Gloves: If there's one article of garden clothing no one should be without its garden gloves. Most of the cuts and scrapes that occur happen when people try to do tasks bare-handed. Grabbing at rose stems, shoveling deep holes and re-potting certain plants can be very rough on the hand and a good preventive measure is to wear durable and comfortable garden gloves.

Safety Glasses: Pollen, dust and sprays will get blown about in springtime breezes and f your eyes are not protected you could experience irritation. Red eyes are a common problem among home gardeners and the combination of hot air, pollen and dander can cause eyes to water and itch. Having a tough pair of safety glasses that don't inhibit your work will give you the vision protection you need to continue working even when the air quality is poor.

Work Boots: Even if you only tend a small plot in your backyard, having the appropriate footwear is essential to avoiding injury. Many gardeners recommend a tough pair of work boots, preferably steel-toed, so your feet are safe from shovel spades, rake tines, dropped equipment and the occasional wild animal. Your boots don't have to be combat-ready but it should offer enough protection that you feel safe.


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