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deer netting pest controlOnce you plant a garden in your backyard you've basically created an open invitation for insects and animals. Deer, bugs, squirrels, mosquitoes and other wild critters will quickly catch scent of the plants and flowers blooming in your garden and will waste no time in nosing around to see what they can feast on. Mind you, these animals don't mean any harm but if you don't put up the proper defenses they will ruin what you've worked so hard to maintain. No one is suggesting you stand vigil at your garden with a shotgun but there are plenty of non-lethal ways to keep known garden visitors from invading your space and damaging your plants and vegetables.

Deer Netting – If your garden is near a wooded area you can expect frequent visits from deer. Usually in the early morning deer will roam about and see if they can't find garden treats to snack on and if your garden is left open there's very little stopping them from doing as they please. Garden experts strongly recommend surrounding your garden with deer netting or deer fences that are made from high quality polypropylene and act to discourage deer and other small animals from destroying gardens and other vegetation. These nets attach easy to metal or wooden stakes and though animals could conceivably walk right through a net they see the obstacle and understand the message that they are not to cross it.


Fox Urine – Animals rely heavily on scent to protect themselves from known predators. If deer, skunks and groundhogs catch wind of the urine of a fox or coyote survival instinct tells them to stay away. Many gardeners use fox urine and coyote urine animal repellent granules to protect their gardens from a wide variety of wild animals. These 100% organic granules are safe for use around children, pets and plants and are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and won't wash away in the rain. The best part of using fox or coyote urine is that animals have pretty good memories and once they sniff the scent of a predator they are less likely to wander into that area again.

Insect Sweep Nets – If you have a large garden that contains fields or heavy brush, a high quality insect sweep net will be a great investment. With these nets you can effectively monitor insect populations by sweeping over your plants and finding out what types of insects are present in your garden. Different seasons bring different hazards and with one sweep of your garden you'll be able to tell what types of bugs are in your garden and can then take the appropriate measures to eliminate the type of insects that are present.

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