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Effectively Ridding your Garden of Weeds


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Dewitt Pro weed barrierThe battle against weeds has been baffling gardeners, farmers and landscapers for centuries. No matter how often you spray, what soil you use or how often you pull weeds out of your garden they always seem to pop back up. Even if the weeds are harmless it will still make your lawn or garden look messy and unkempt and in time these weeds will grow out of control and start to take over. Every gardener or landscaper has their own tricks they use annually to deal with pesky weeds and here we provide a few tips that can help you clean your garden or lawn of unwanted weed growth.

Mulch – Most gardens will start with bare soil and this is prime real estate for weeds. If you have bare soil in your garden beds, between rows of plants or in other sections of your garden it is advised that add up to a 3" layer of mulch. Mulch, often comprised of wood or bark chips, is used to conserve moisture, improve fertility and reduce weed growth by blocking out water and sunlight. Mulch can also be used to enhance sections of a garden that don't have any plants. By adding a layer of mulch to new soil you can effectively prevent weeds from sprouting.

Hoes & Hands – If weeds have already started to sprout in your garden or vegetable rows your next line of defense is a durable hoe or your hands. Sometimes you have get down and dirty in a garden to get it right and weeds will definitely bring you to your knees eventually. However, with a sturdy hoe and a good pair of thick gardening gloves you can hack and pull away until your garden is free from weeds. This process can be tiring and time-consuming but it avoids harmful sprays and chemicals that can damage the environment and cause problems for people and pets.

Weed Fabric – If you garden annually and continue to experience weed problems you may want to invest in heavy duty ground cover and weed barrier fabric. Weed barrier fabric is designed to be buried by mulch, stone or soil and stop weeds before they start to grow. This organic weed control method is trusted by many gardeners and is preferred over potentially dangerous herbicides. Weed barrier fabric is specially made to block sunlight while still allowing air, water and other nutrients to reach plant roots. Weed fabric works best before weeds begin to grow so make this a top priority for your garden before the season starts.


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