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Essential Tools for Cleaning a Garden

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Ames True Temper lawn & leaf cartGarden cleaning may seem like a tedious task, and for the most part it is, but it is also very necessary. Every spring and fall it is recommended that your give your garden a thorough cleaning to remove dead growth and debris and prep the soil for the coming season. Neglecting your garden can lead to many problems that will hinder the growth of plants and flowers and can turn your garden into a wild kingdom you will have no control over.

At FrostProof Growers Supply we want everyone to have a garden they can take pride in so we offer some helpful tips on the garden tools you need to get the best cleaning possible.

Garden Rakes – When it comes to untangling weeds and removing tough debris, a sturdy 12-gauge steel head garden rake is ideal. Throughout the year gardens will experience weed growth and falling debris including leaves, pine cones and tree sap that can combine to cause quite a mess. When you go out to do your annual garden cleaning, be prepared with a sturdy rake that can quickly and easily cut through the debris.

Lawn & Leaf Carts – Depending on the size of your garden you may have big piles of dead growth and debris. Leaving these piles in the garden or on the lawn is a bad idea and can become a comfortable nest for wild animals that will run amok in your garden when vegetables grow. When cleaning a garden always have a durable cart or bag to dispose of the debris.

Machetes – If you have a large garden that has not been tended to for months you may have tall grass and other wild growth that can make your garden look more like a jungle. If it's been awhile since you last cleaned your garden you may want to start out with a sharp machete to hack through the overgrowth. A serrated grass whip is also a handy tool to have since it will allow you to quickly cut down grass and other growth so you can see what you are dealing with.

Garden Hedge Shears – Not everything will need to face the force of the machete. Many trees and plants only need a trimming and in that case it is recommended that you have a sharp pair of hedge shears to do the necessary clipping. Hedge shears, pruning saws and loppers are great garden tools that give you the ability to cut branches and other growth.

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