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Fall Planting Tips

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Frostproof GrowersJust because the air is getting a little cooler is no reason to put your garden to rest. While the spring and summer is the ideal time for blooming flowers and tasty fruits and vegetable, autumn has plenty of perks when it comes to perennials, bulbs and shrubs. Keeping a healthy garden in the fall can be a lot of fun and isn't all that hard to do when you follow some helpful tips.

Know what to Plant – Since the air is cooler and the ground will be a little harder you need to be careful about what you plant. Root development is crucial during this time period and you don't want to plant bulbs and vegetables that won't be able to grow properly. Consider this a good time for tree and shrub planting since these plants will have plenty of time to get established before the busy summer season.

Check Plant Tags – If you are new to gardening and don't have the green thumb expertise of a seasoned grower, use the guidelines on plant tags to help. Find out how big the plants will grow and whether they need sun or shade. Choose plants that will thrive in the area you have set aside for your garden. Some plants need more sunlight than others and if you have leafy trees in the garden you need to be careful about the amount of sunlight that will be available.

Plant Grass Seed – Autumn is the ideal time to plant grass seed. The warm soil and cool air make for a perfect environment for new grass to grow. This is a good time for lawn renovations and gives you an opportunity to finally rid your garden and lawn of pesky weeds.

Use Compost – Many gardeners will have a compost pile but if you don't, go to a local nursery and buy a few bags. Adding fresh, organic compost to the soil will help annuals, edibles and ornamentals establish roots and grow properly. Use this time to improve your garden soil. Dig up the garden soil and break up dirt clumps and remove stones as you dig. Spread about 4 to 6 inches of compost over the area and dig it in. Rake the soil until it is even and smooth.

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