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Keeping Animals Out of Your Garden


shake away animal repellantGardening can be a labor of love. It's not easy work getting flowers and plants to bloom in full color. The time you spend cultivating soil, planting, watering, pruning and measuring all add up to a full-time job and nothing can be more frustrating to find your hard work ruined by the invasion of animals. You have to understand, a garden is a free feeding spot for deer, foxes and coyotes and if you don't take steps to keep these animals out, they will eventually find their way in.

At FrostProof Growers Supply, we want you to enjoy your garden so we offer the following tips on how to keep animals from foraging in your plot.

Fencing: Animals can be funny creatures. Even when they can easily cross into a plot of land, the mere presence of a fence is often enough to deter them from trying. If you have a garden that is near a wooded area you can bet deer will be arriving soon. These animals enjoy feeding on plants and tree leaves and your garden can be free lunch. However, by installing a simple UV-treated polypropylene fence you can keep deer from even getting close. These fences attach easily to wooden or metal stakes and come in a wide variety of sizes to meet your gardening needs.


Animal Repellents: Another way to keep deer and other foraging animals from making your garden heir home is to use animal repellent urine granules. It's a well known fact that animals rely on their scent skills to alert them of danger and if a deer smells the urine of a predator, such as a fox, coyote or bobcat, they will stay away. By sprinkling repellent granules designed to simulate the scent of a predator, deer, elk and other animals will assume a predator is lurking and will avoid the area.

Sticky Traps : If insects and rodents are causing problems in your garden, use bright yellow sticky traps. By placing these traps around the perimeter of your rows or garden, you can trap insects before they get to your crops. Pherocon AM No-Bait Sticky Traps can be used to catch fruit flies, root worms, gnats and other flies.

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