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Late Summer Gardening Tips

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With summer drawing to a close, now is the best time to plan your autumn vegetable and flower gardens. It's time to think about setting out cool weather annuals and vegetable, buy bulbs and plant trees and shrubs.

Here are some late summer garden tips that help make your garden the best it can be:

Tip 1 – Harvest your remaining vegetables. If you planted tomatoes and other vegetables over the past few months, harvest them now for an ongoing supply. Pick tomatoes, peppers, okra, eggplants, squash and cucumbers on the day you plan to eat them and share the bounty with your family, friends and neighbors.

Tip 2 – Prune and fertilize your everblooming roses for a show of fall flowers. Remove dead stems, add clean mulch and water once a week if it doesn't rain.

Tip 3 – Plant autumn perennials for vibrant fall colors. Plant old fashioned mums along the front of your flowerbed and use asters for the middle and back of the border.

Tip 4 – Add shrubs to your yard. Cool weather will allow plants to establish roots and transition into your landscape before next year's growing season. Leaves will turn yellow later in the fall after the foliage has dropped and you can use the stems for bright autumn arrangements.

Tip 5 – Rejuvenate you plants. If some of your perennials have turned brown or become tattered, cut them back and give them water to encourage new growth.

Tip 6 – Deadhead spent flowers. Don't deadhead everything, but select spent flowers to keep your garden tidy.

Tip 7 – Bring plants indoors – As the first frost approaches, bring plants indoors. Examine plants carefully and remove any hitchhikers such as lizards and bugs and bring them inside.

The final tip to share with you is to check out Frostproof Growers Supply for a complete list of gardening and growing supplies. Since 1985, we've specialized in supplying home gardeners and commercial growers with a full array of products at low prices, from gardening tools to nursery supplies and pest control products.

In the fall, cold air and frost can damage crops, plants and flowers so check out our selection of frost and plant covers to give your plants the protection to grow properly.

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