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Spring Cleaning Tips

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leather garden glovesWhen winter starts to die down it is time to start thinking about preparing your garden for the growing season. Depending on where you live, winter may have made a mess of your garden. Heavy snow, below zero temperatures and ice can take a toll on a garden and leave it cluttered with fallen branches, brush and debris. Before you can get to work planting you first need to prepare the garden and to do that requires a thorough spring cleaning.

First off, wait until the snow and ice has melted away before you start cleaning. Some people get excited and rush out to clean their gardens on the first warm day but as folks up north and in New England know, the weather can change pretty fast. You are only creating more work for yourself if you clean up before the foul weather is done. A good rule of thumb is to wait until April to clean your garden.

Before you get down and dirty removing branches, debris and dead brush do a full inspection of your garden. Look for trees with broken limbs, any damage to gates or fences and the condition of the soil. You don't want to get started on a cleaning project only to find a massive stump in your way. By doing a careful walk through you'll be able to spot all the areas that will need attention. Get ready for cleaning by stocking up on the best tools. Rakes, lawn and leaf carts, hedge shears, machetes and shovels will all come in handy when you are cleaning. Having a durable container is essential since there will be plenty of debris you will need to remove and garbage bags can tear easily. Make it easier on yourself by having all the tools you will need to prep your garden for spring.

Lastly, wait for a warm day to do your cleaning. No matter how big or small your garden is, cleaning is a tough task and you will want the weather to be ideal so you can be comfortable when working. Remember to wear goggles, garden gloves and durable work boots to keep yourself safe. If your garden is large, you may want to ask friends to help out since this will make the cleaning project move much faster.

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