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Stay Safe When Gardening

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safety glassesWhen most of us think of gardening it involves a relaxing day in the sun. Though there is some hard work involved (weeding, shoveling and pruning) many view gardening as a hobby and others find the activity to be therapeutic. However, no matter where you garden there are always going to be hazards. From prickly rose stems and insects to intense UV rays and wild animals, a garden can be dangerous if you don't prepare properly.

The best advice we can give is to know about the area surrounding your garden and to get the necessary gear that will keep you safe. Here are a few tips for staying safe when gardening.

Know your Surroundings: If your garden is in a fenced in backyard you are probably pretty safe. However, if your plot is near a wooded area you may want to take some time and survey the surroundings. Your area may be known for coyotes, skunks and other animals that can pose a threat. Generally speaking, if you leave these animals alone they will leave you alone but you can never predict the behavior of a wild animal. Be alert when gardening and always keep an eye out for an unwanted visitor.

Dress to Protect: Gardening may be a relaxing hobby but it still has its dirty jobs. Digging in the soil, weeding and removing debris are tasks that will require the right kind of apparel. A pair of heavy duty work gloves, super tough steel toe work boots and flexible safety glasses are all recommended when working in a garden.

Gloves should always be worn since it will protect against blisters and calluses and can also protect your hands when handling thorny rose stems. Work boots, especially those with a steel toe, are ideal for working in muddy soil and keeping feet protected should heavy objects fall. Safety glasses will keep eyes safe from dust, pollen and other airborne debris that can do serious damage to eyes.

Keep Insects Away: Gardens, especially those that have flowers in bloom, will be a hot spot for bugs and insects. Bees, gnats and other bugs can be expected in just about every garden and if this becomes a bother or if you allergic, it is crucial that you keep insects from interfering with your chores. Insect repellents, bug lamps and special formulated candles can all be effective in deterring insects from your garden.

The more you prepare in advance, the safer you will be.

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