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Summer Gardening Tips

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During these hot summer months, some of your plants will flourish and others will struggle, but with some tender loving care all should survive. Adequate water in the root zone area should by your greatest concern, but don't waste water. Using plenty of mulch in the soil when you plant will stabilize soil temperature and retain moisture. Many plants grow rapidly, so fertilize regularly.

If you're planting bougainvillea this summer, plant in the hottest, sunniest location, water thoroughly just before the wilting point and prune back any extra-long shoots.

Water roses deeply and regularly and fertilize every four to six weeks. Remove faded roses to keep new ones coming and prepare for fall bloom by pruning back the latter part of August.

Hibiscus likes warm soil, so summer is a good time to plant. Fertilize regularly and cut back older plants to encourage new growth.

If you plant fruit trees, fertilize them to gain rapid summer growth and give them adequate water. Harvest your fruit and vegetables regularly. Zucchini and summer squash may need to be harvested every day. Cucumbers and tomatoes need to be watched carefully and mature fruit removed promptly so the vines are not damaged by the weight. Corn should be harvested when the silk at the ends of the ears is starting to brown. Blueberries and strawberries should be harvested as the fruit matures, so check them daily.

When you are ready to harvest your summer crops, get your harvest tools and equipment from Frostproof Growers, the leader in home gardening supplies. We have a huge supply of fruit clippers, harvest shears, picking gloves and tote bags that will make harvesting your summer garden or orchard easier. No matter what you are harvesting, we have shears, knives and clippers that provide easy cutting and totes and bags for gathering up your bounty. We also have harvesting supplies to keep you well protected, from picking gloves to denim sleeves and a telescoping picking pole to get hard to reach crops.

We're always available to assist you with summer gardening supplies. Call us toll-free at 800-635-3621 and speak to an expert who can help you make the best choice.

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