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Tips for Weeding a Garden

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Uproot lawn & garden weederThe common enemy of every gardener and landscaper is weeds. Growing with reckless abandon just about everywhere, weeds are a constant problem for gardens and lawns and if you are not diligent in weeding, your garden or lawn can very quickly be overrun by weeds. Starting out right, being consistent and using mulch will go a long way in ridding your garden and lawn of unwanted weeds and the more time you spend getting rid of what you don't want the more time you can spend on the plants and flowers you do want growing. At Frostproof Growers Supply we want your gardens and lawns to be as perfect as possible so we offer a few tips for properly weeding your garden.
If all you have in your garden is bare soil you may as well start planting weeds. Bare soil is an easy environment for weeds to take root and the longer your garden is bare the easier it is for weeds to take over. Using mulch to cover the soil is highly recommended and if you have a vegetable garden it is advised to use mulch made from straw and leaves since these materials will decompose and enrich the soil with nitrogen.

Unfortunately, weeding isn't a one and done task. It would be great if you could weed your garden once and forget about it, but weeds are persistent and as soon as you rid your top soil of weeds, a whole new patch is ready to rise up. The only way to properly deal with weeds is to be consistent with your weed maintenance. When you undertake to care for a garden it should be out of passion and a love for the outdoors. Treating garden work like a chore instead of a hobby makes tasks like weeding much harder and you don't find a way to make weeding less of a hassle you're in for a long summer. Try to set aside 10 to 20 minutes a day where you focus on removing weeds from the garden and stick to this schedule.

Also remember to tend to the entire garden. Removing weeds from around plants is a good start but you also need to kill the weeds that are growing in walking rows since those weeds can easily transplant into a garden bed and pop up unexpectedly. Hoeing should also be on your list of weekly tasks and if you dig up any weeds when hoeing you can leave them in a bucket where the hot sun will do the rest.

If you have a garden, you are going to have weeds. How those weeds affect you is entirely up to you. Being prepared and diligent when it comes to weeding will make your garden look a lot better and leave more room to yield more produce.

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