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Using Frost Covers

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frost coverWhether you are a commercial grower or home gardener, frost can be a formidable enemy. When the temperature dips at night it can be very dangerous for your plants. Even the slightest bit of frost can ruin an entire harvest and be a commercial loss. It is strongly recommended that every grower invest in durable frost covers that can save your crops from frost.

Frost covers, thermal frost blankets and floating row covers can be used on commercial farms and in home gardens to keep fragile plants from being damaged due to cold temperatures. Using frost covers that are made from UV treated polypropylene fabric can raise temperatures as much as 10 degrees while continuing to let air, light and moisture to pass through. This creates a breathable barrier that will protect your plants and aid in the growth process.

When using frost covers it is important to find the right size for your needs. Frost covers come in a wide variety of sizes from 12' x 500' to 3' x 250' and will provide you with the protection you need to keep plants from succumbing to frost. Plant covers are often used by home gardeners and range from medium to extra large. Most plant covers feature a draw string closure so you can provide a snug cover for your plant that won't inhibit its natural growth.

Commercial growers who are responsible for rows of plants will want to use floating row covers to keep these vegetables safe from frost. Available in sizes ranging from 7' x 250' to 36' x 1000', floating row covers are ideal for commercial farms that need to keep their produce safe. Made from UV resistant spunbound polyester, floating row covers can raise temperatures as much as 4 degrees under the cover making it less likely that plants will be ruined by an overnight frost.

When using frost covers it is important to have the fabric resting gently on the plants but still firmly secured to the ground. You don't want to create a restrictive cover that can stunt the growth of the plants. However, you also don't want a cover that blows off in a stiff wind. Find the right size cover for your needs, secure it with accessories such as anchoring pins and keep your cover stored in a convenient place when not in use.

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