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Using Shade Cloths


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Without the sun there would be no plant growth. However, when plants get too much sunlight there is a risk of high temperatures that can cause a plant to wilt and under extreme circumstances lead to the death of the plant. Late summer can be a difficult time for gardeners as some places experience triple-digit temperatures during the day and pose a serious risk to the development of home and commercial gardens. Extreme heat can ruin a plant crop and leave farmers and commercial growers with a plant no one wants. By using knitted and woven shade cloths you can lower the temperature a plant experienced and greatly reduce the amount of sun exposure.

The main difference between woven and knitted shade cloths is that knitted versions can stretch and won't unravel if cut, where woven shade cloths will. Depending on the type of plants you are covering and where, you may want a cover that can stretch to offer more protection to more plants. However, other times you will want a cover that offers an even pattern of light blockage. Know which plants you intend to cover and research to determine how much blockage you need. Shade cloths can anywhere from 30% tom 90% shade cover and you want the right one for your plants.

in-text-shade-cloth.jpgWhen you find the right shade cloth,make sure the get the proper instructions for setting it up and that you have the accessories including fasteners and ties that will make installing your garden shade cloth easier. Mark out the area you intend to cover and identify the boundaries. Make sure all the plants you intend to protect from the sun are in the perimeter. Install the shade cloth according to the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations. Setting up shade cloths is fairly simple but you should still read through the instructions in case the manufacturer has any special requirements for specific parts.

Once the shade cloth is installed check on it periodically to ensure it is maintaining its shape and providing the sun blockage your plants need to grow healthy. You also want to check for areas that have tears or rips in the weave or knit since this will need to be repaired or replaced. Shade cloths can be used for gardens, backyard patios, kennels and livestock covers. Getting relief from the severe summer heat is necessary for plants to grow properly and with shade cloths you give plants a better chance of surviving the heat waves.

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