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Watering Your Garden

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Gilmour garden hoseOne of the most important tasks in maintaining a healthy garden is watering. Without enough water plants will dry up and die and you'll have to wait another year to try your luck. While nature will usually supply a good amount of water through rain you will have to water your garden regularly to keep all the plants well-hydrated. Thought watering seems a simple task there are some tips you should follow to ensure plants get the right amount of water.

Test the Soil – If you wondering whether or not you need to water your garden take the guesswork out and use soil moisture meters that will tell you the condition of the soil at the root level. Soil may appear moist on the surface but could be quite dry at the root level and that is where your concern should be. If you don't have a rain gauge or soil tester you can always use your finger to probe the soil around your plants. Try digging in roughly 2-3 inches and check if the soil is dry or moist. The top 2-3 inches should be dry and the soil beneath that should be moist.

Morning Showers – Most gardeners and commercial growers recommend watering in the morning. When the weather gets warm it won't take long for the hot sun to evaporate the moisture in the soil. By giving your garden a thorough watering in the morning you give the plants the water it needs to weather the hot afternoon sun without wilting. Avoid watering too late in the afternoon since your garden may not have enough time to dry out and excessively moist soil can cause foliage and plants to develop fungal diseases.

Watering Techniques – Depending on the type of garden you have and the plants you are cultivating there are a number of techniques you can use to ensure your garden gets the right amount of water. From automated sprinkler systems and watering wands to watering cans and garden hoses with adaptable nozzles there is no shortage of watering tools to use. Most experts agree that a slow, constant flow of water is ideal and gardeners should avoid using too high a pressure to avoid saturating the soil. When watering remember that it is the roots that need the water, not the plants and flower buds. Also, only water your garden when it is necessary since over-watering can be just as dangerous as not enough water.

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