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​4 Advantages of Working With An Orchard and Nursery Supply Company

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If you work for a nursery or an orchard, you have a lot of invoices coming in. Maybe you have to pay for the trees, or the chemicals that keep them healthy. You have a water bill to pay, as well as payroll for the employees. You have to fill up the vehicles with gas and make sure to keep your nursery supplies well stocked.

While Frostproof Growers Supply can’t help with all of these, we can certainly be there for you when you need that last one. No matter whether you’re looking for nursery or orchard supplies, Frostproof can be your one-stop-shop when it comes to providing so many of the tools and supplies you need to keep on hand.

But why go with a dedicated growers’ supply company when you need to stock up on tree care and harvesting equipment? Here are four reasons you might want to consider going with a professional instead of just hitting the local big box store.

We Know Quality

When you work with a company that primarily caters to those who need orchard and nursery supplies, you’ll get the knowledge that we’ve accumulated over the years. Tina grafting knives might look simple, but they’re expensive. Are they worth it? Yes, because the cut they deliver and the edge they keep can make your time in the field much more efficient and prevent bad cuts that could lead to infection (in both the tree and the worker!).

When you work with a nursery supply company like Frostproof, you are able to learn more about the particular items you’re interested in. Many people contact us because they’re interested in which frost blanket they might need. Others want to know which safety supplies might be best for their particular application. We can help.

We Can Catch Mistakes

If you head to a big box store for your supplies, you might find someone who knows a little bit about garden hand tools. But it’s very unlikely that they’ll know much about nursery and orchard supplies. Which fruit clippers are best for the type of fruit you’re harvesting? If you buy the wrong fruit clippers, you either have to take them back or just make do with them. Either way, you’re wasting time.

When you work with Frostproof, we’ll make sure you get what you need. Given enough information about your orchard, we can guide you on which shears to use. If you order a penetrometer for softer fruits but we know you’re picking apples, we’ll be sure to speak up and see if you’d like to switch.

We Can Get Nursery Supplies Wholesale

Looking for tree t pees? You can’t find tree t pees at Home Depot, but we carry them at a discount! Because we sell so many nursery supplies, we’re able to get them at great prices and offer them to our customers at a discount.

We Have Selection

We want to be your one-stop-shop when it comes to orchard and nursery equipment. We keep nearly everything you’d ever need on hand, because we know that growers need more equipment and tools that the average person would ever dream of. When you come to Frostproof, we want you to be able to fill your cart with everything you’ll need for the upcoming season.

Work WITH Frostproof

At our growers’ supply company, we want to be your partner in making your plants as healthy as possible. If you have questions about a particular product, whether you’re wondering how to protect plants from frost or are looking for the most comfortable picking bags, we’d be happy to help. Contact us today!

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