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​From Grafting To Harvesting Tools: Supplying Orchards

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When you take a look at the name of our company, it becomes obvious that we’re dedicated to helping anyone who’s interested in growing fruits and vegetables make the most of their plants. That’s why we sell typical garden hand tools and smaller frostproof blankets that anyone across the country can use in their backyard gardens.

But we’re also dedicated to helping some of the largest orchards out there produce the best trees and fruits available. That means having the right tools, and we’re here to provide them. Let’s take a look at how we can help orchards from the smallest trees to harvest time.


When starting a new orchard, whether you’re growing trees that will produce their own fruit or are growing them for grafting, you need to protect it as much as possible when it’s small. That means watering it properly, fertilizing it at the right time, and protecting it from animals that might dine on it. One of the most effective ways to do all of these is with Tree-T-Pees, which significantly reduce the amount of water and fertilizer you have to give to each new tree. They also help retain heat so that the roots are better protected from cold nights; warmer trees grow faster, too, so they provide a double advantage. Discover all of the advantages of these Shark Tank-winning cones right here.

Pest Repellent

While we don’t carry heavy-duty chemical insecticides to protect the trees, we do have some very practical solutions to keeping the larger pests at bay. Here in our pest control section, we have coyote urine pellets that can scare away animals such as mice, deer, rabbits, and more. If your biggest problem is the deer, the deer netting provides a physical barrier that the deer can’t chew through or jump over.

Grafting Tools

Some fruits, such as the navel oranges, have no seeds and are therefore sterile. If humans didn’t intervene, the navel orange would be extinct in a generation. Good thing that there are still grafting tools that can keep sterile plants like this going!

Frostproof Growers Supply has everything you need for both grafting and budding. We have high-quality grafting knives, tape, wax, and everything else you need so that you can make a clean, safe cut every time while still protecting both the rootstock and the scion.

Soil Testing Tools

Knowledge is power, and that’s why it’s so important to know exactly what happening in soil a tree is growing in. We can help you measure the acidity and salinity of the soil, both at the surface and deep down with soil probes. Of course, it’s also vitally important to know how much moisture the trees are getting. That’s why we have rain gauges and moisture meters so that you know when — and when not — to water.

No matter how large or small your orchard is, we at Frostproof are ready to help your trees grow as strong as possible. Find everything you’ll ever need in orchard supply right here!

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