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​Harvesting Tools That Orchards Need

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While most of the country thinks of fall as the time to harvest food — the tomatoes are ripe, the potatoes are ready to be dug up, and the strawberries have already been eating by the birds — there’s not only one season to harvest when it comes to professional orchards. Sure, most homeowners are picking their apples in the fall, but a single trip to the store can make anyone realize that somewhere in the country — or the world — someone is picking apples in spring, summer, winter, and fall. And while there may be times when certain fruits are more plentiful that others, there’s one thing that you’ve got to realize: in the US, it’s always harvest season!

In our previous blog we discussed the orchard supplies that can keep the trees themselves growing healthy. They need to survive pests, be planted in the right soil, and get the proper amount of water and fertilizer in order to thrive. And while growing a healthy tree is a noble endeavor, an orchard isn’t about growing trees...it’s about growing fruit. When trees are mature enough to produce fruit, it’s time to harvest, and Frostproof Growers Supply is here to provide them with all of the harvesting and picking supplies to make

Measuring Tools

First of all, it’s important to know when the fruit itself is right. While tasting it might have worked in the past, the long trip to market that most fruits are taking means that they have to be picked before they are actually ripe.

That’s where orchard measuring tools come in. First of all there are the penetrometers for hard fruits and soft fruits. These devices let you know the exact amount of pressure a piece of fruit can stand before it ruptures, giving you a good idea of how close to ripeness they are. The hard fruit penetrometer is for fruits such as apples and pear, while the softer penetrometer is for peaches and citrus fruits. If you’re looking for the absolute most accurate penetrometer around, our desktop model is even better than the handheld ones mentioned above.

Of course, sizers are another way of telling just how close you are to harvesting time. Sizers are excellent at comparing this year’s harvest to the charts of last years. You can also compare average fruit sizes along rows and columns to see if there’s any sizable difference. Of course, most grocery stores are looking for uniform fruit, which you can determine with this useful piece of fruit harvesting equipment.

Alright, now that you’ve determined that it is indeed time to harvest, you don’t have long to get the harvesting done. Be sure to have the following ready.

Picking Bags

A comfortable harvester is one who can work a long day and come back tomorrow to keep going. That’s why we offer across-the-chest straps on our harvesting bags. This allows them to switch up throughout the day while applying the weight more evenly across the body. The across-the-chest option also ensure that the bag won’t fall off their shoulder and damage the fruit.

Here at Frostproof, we carry a variety of picking bags in both vinyl and cordura, able to carry from 45 pounds up to 100 pounds. Be sure to have a variety of bags around, because you don’t want to hurt a worker just because they think they can handle a 100 pound bag but can’t. Giving them options is one way to ensure their safety.

Clipping Shears

While the apple juice commercials might show an ungloved hand slowly reaching for an apple and pulling it directly off the tree, we all know very well that most fruits are harvested with the help of shears. Fruit clipping shears are the best way to ensure that branches aren’t broken or stripped as the fruit is forced from the tree. After all, with fruit being picked earlier to accommodate shipping times, the trees really aren’t as interested in letting them drop yet. The fruit clippers carry are high-quality and can last for seasons; we also carry replacement parts when they do need repair. Find the one for your type of fruit right here.

Of course, not every piece of fruit is within arm’s reach, even with the help of a ladder. When you want to get every piece of fruit on the tree, be sure to have enough telescoping fruit pickers. The basket ensures that even the most fragile and high-growing fruit can be picked and still remain sellable.

Having the right types of harvesting equipment around is the best way to ensure that your picking season goes as smoothly as possible. The equipment we’ve mentioned has been designed to protect your trees, your crop, and especially your workers. Grab everything you need for a perfect harvest at those links above!

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