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​How Nursery Supplies Change Depending on The Nursery

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Here at Frostproof, we like to support anyone who’s taking care of plants. We provide garden hand tools to backyard gardeners and 1000-foot-long shade cloth to nurseries that want to protect plants from frost. We have garden aprons for someone weeding their garden and chemical aprons to protect someone while they’re spraying an entire orchard. In short, we’re here to provide everyone with what they need to help plants thrive. Today we’re going to take a specific look at nurseries and the needs that different nurseries can have.

Large Nurseries, Small Nurseries

The tools Frostproof offers can help large and small nurseries alike, from large farms with thousands of tree to neighborhood nurseries that only need the necessities.

Large Nurseries

Larger nurseries are more likely to care for trees when they’re very young, which is why we offer quite a few tree nursery supplies to get the trees off to a good start. Tree stakes keep trees upright so that they’re not damaged by the wind, and plant twist ties (including the Max Tapener) can keep them attached to the stakes. Of course, large nurseries might also consider using Tree-T-Pees in order to help trees grow faster. These cone-shaped apparatuses help to reduce the amount of water and herbicides used by keeping both near the tree’s roots. The black color of the Tree-T-Pee also keeps the temperature at the base of the tree warmer, which encourages faster canopy growth. Check out these great little devices right here.

There’s one last thing that large nurseries need to have plenty of on hand: aluminum tree tags. Simply write on these tags with anything that has a point, and the tree tags keep the indentation of the writing (as opposed to ink which can fade in just a season). Plant tags allow a large nursery to keep track of which plants are in a row, because you don’t want to get the Green Ash mixed up with the Oregon Ash or the Red Delicious mixed up with the Granny Smith.

Small Nurseries

Frostproof also likes supporting the smaller nurseries around the country. By the time many of these nurseries buy trees from the larger nurseries, the trees are already labeled and pretty well established, so they’re less likely to need tree stakes or labels. They might need some loppers and pruners to take care of any dead limbs on their still-bundled trees, though.

What do smaller nurseries need? They’ll often be the ones looking for garden hand tools to help them work with non-tree plants that they’ve started from seed. This includes cultivators, garden knives, gardening gloves, and hand trowels. Of course, watering tools are a big seller as well, but more on that later.

Outdoor Nurseries, Indoor Nurseries

Whether indoor or outdoor, Frostproof is providing what nurseries need to get the job done.

Outdoor Nurseries

Getting the plants planted outside earlier means larger inventory that sells for more. But putting them in the ground too early might mean they’re in danger of a late frost, and the harsh sun on the warmest days can cause plants to wilt unless they’re constantly watered. Frostproof can help with both of these problems!

First of all, we offer frost protection in the way of frost covers in a multitude of sizes. Need a single plant covered? We have them that small. Need a thousand feet of plants covered? We have row covers to take care of them!

To protect plants from too much heat — and to decrease the amount of water they’ll need — shade cloth might be the solution. We have both knitted and woven shade cloth that can knock down the amount of sun a plant gets from between 30% and 90%. It’s a great way to protect them until they get their roots down to some deeper water.

Indoor Nurseries

Indoor nurseries have a couple of big advantages over outdoor ones. They don’t have to worry about it getting too cold or having the plants get sun-baked, so there’s no need for frost protection or shade cloth.

What an indoor nursery does need are watering tools, because they aren’t getting any free water from the sky. Most plants indoors — whether landscaping plants or veggies about to be sold to the public — are going to need water every day. We have the garden hoses, spray nozzles, timers, and watering wands to make this happen.

Get Your Nursery Supplies Today!

Large or small, indoors or outdoors, Frostproof Growers Supply has everything a nursery needs to grow the best plants. Click those links above to get exactly what you require!

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