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Be Safe When Spraying

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Disposable Nitrile glovesKeeping gardens and nurseries safe from pests, bacteria and other harmful substances requires regular spraying. Pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals are frequently used on crop rows, commercial nurseries, greenhouses and other agricultural areas to keep plants safe. However, these sprays can be harmful when it comes into contact with human skin and if ingested. To avoid illness and skin irritations, stock up on safety supplies that will protect you.

Spray Suits & Aprons

If you work in a commercial nursery, then spray suits and aprons will be absolutely necessary. These environments deal in large scale cultivating and harvesting and in order to keep the plants safe it takes routine spraying of chemicals that can be harmful to humans. DuPont Tyvek coverall and hooded spray suits will offer a solid layer of protection that can keep you protected even when spraying the most harmful chemicals. Made from flashspun polyolefin, spray protection is built right into the fabric, providing a barrier to particles less than 1 micron in size. Combined with a fitting respirator mask, these suits can keep your workers safe when spraying.

Garden Gloves

Keeping hands protected is essential when gardening, spraying and handling fertilizer and other potentially dangerous materials. Disposable Nitrile gloves offer terrific resistance from a variety of chemicals including oil, grease, acids, caustics and alcohols. Whether you are spraying a pesticide or mixing chemicals together, wearing a durable pair of disposable nitrile gloves will ensure your hands stay safe.

Eye Protection

From dust and pollen to pesticides and herbicides, your eyes are at great risk for serious damage when working in commercial nurseries and home gardens. Even if you are just out for a casual pruning it is advised that you always wear a pair of safety glasses of goggles to ensure nothing irritates your eyes. If a chemical should reach your eye and someone isn't around to provide emergency first response, the consequences can be dire. Along with goggles and glasses you should also have a steady supply of emergency eyewash that can be used t flush out eyes that have are irritated from pollen and chemical sprays.

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