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6 Tips for Preparing Your Garden This Spring

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If you consider yourself to be an avid gardener, then you likely know that springtime is the best time to start preparing your garden — because if you wait until summer, you’ve waited too long. While you might not be able to plant your seeds during the spring (depending on where you live), there are still plenty of garden products and plants that you can prepare for favorable planting conditions.

At Frostproof Growers Supply, we are your one-stop-shop for all things gardening. From frost protection products to general garden tools and accessories, we have just about everything you’ll need to have a successful growing season.

Below, we have listed 6 of our favorite spring garden preparation tips with the hope that you’ll implement them when readying your garden for the upcoming growing season. Continue reading to learn more.

Order Bulbs & Seeds Early

As a gardener, there is nothing worse than looking outside to see favorable planting weather only to have your seeds and bulbs stuck in transit from the store that fulfilled your online order. To avoid waiting for your seeds and bulbs, consider taking your next cold spring day as an opportunity to do some online shopping.

Research what seeds and bulbs are cold-resistant and when their ideal growing seasons are well before it comes time to plant them. In doing so, you can plan ahead — creating a planting schedule that can be executed come warmer months.

Plant Seeds Early Indoors

In some areas there are shorter growing seasons that might prevent you from growing some of your favorite plants. Rather than simply accepting that you can’t plant your favorite seeds this year, consider sowing them early in an indoor growing system.

While planting seeds early indoors might seem like a complex process, it’s not. In fact, many plants will not need much soil or space to begin germinating — and they are incredibly easy to transfer to the ground once it is warm enough outside again. Simply keep the plants in a temperature-controlled part of your home or under a carefully-set heat lamp to begin the growing process.

Prepare Your Flower Beds

If you prefer to grow beautiful flowers than tasty vegetables, there is still plenty that you can do to prepare during the spring. In most areas, fall and winter months can take a toll on your flower beds. Leaves accumulate in the fall and are shortly after soaked by rain and snow — creating a semi-decomposed pile of organic material in your garden. While the piles of decomposed leaves can contribute to soil health, they are often visually appealing and could warrant a letter from your neighborhood HOA. Cold spring months are an excellent opportunity to clean up your flower beds before it comes time to sow seeds and bulbs in the late-spring and early summer months. Check out some of our gardening tools today to see how your spring cleanup could be made easy.

Clean Out Your Greenhouse

If you have a greenhouse, you might think that there isn’t much maintenance necessary before it comes time to plant the next batch of vegetables. After all, it was covered all winter, right?

While your greenhouse might have been covered all winter, there is still plenty that should be done before the beginning of the next growing season. During winter months, weeds from past growing seasons might lie dormant and pests might use the structure for protection from the elements. By cleaning out and disinfecting the beds and pots in your greenhouse, you can remove any unwanted pests and weeds well before it comes time to plant. For pest and weed control solutions, click here.

Install a Rain Barrel

Before you install a rain barrel or any other water catchment system, be sure to look up if it is legal in your state — as some western states do not allow for the collection of rainwater. If you are allowed to install a water catchment system, however, we urge you to do so this spring.

By installing a rain barrel and collecting the water from your gutter system, you can store a large amount of water for free. During the growing season, you will have a great resource for watering your flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees. For watering valves, sprayers, and sprayer nozzles, visit our online garden care store today.

Clean, Sharpen, & Replace Gardening Tools

If you are looking for a way to prepare your garden for the upcoming growing season, there are few ways to do so better than preparing your tools. Having a nice set of gardening tools can be the difference between a painstaking and care-free planting season — and if the tools in your shed are dull or broken, you’ll want to address the issue sooner than later.

Sharpening existing tools is a great way to extend the lifetime of the tool. That said, sometimes a tool might be damaged beyond the point of repair and will need to be replaced. For replacement garden tools, click here.

For All Things Gardening, Think Frostproof Growers Supply

As a gardener, preparation is key. Ordering seeds and bulbs, preparing your garden boxes, maintaining your tools, and creating a watering supply are all key preparations. That said, people traditionally wait for the spring thaw to get started preparing their gardens — cutting into weeks of the growing season.

Rather than missing out on the beginning of the growing season, prepare your garden a couple of weeks early in the spring. And when you need high-quality gardening tools to do so, turn to the garden product pros, here at Frostproof Growers Supply.

Featuring gardening products specially designed to aid you from the planting process to the fall harvest, you will find whatever you are looking for on the Frostproof online store. Shop today!

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