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Frostproof Garden Supply — Here For All Of Your Garden Harvest Needs

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As summer draws to an end and each morning feels closer and closer to fall weather, most gardeners begin to think about making their final garden harvests. While the different fruits and vegetables in your garden or orchard might require different harvesting times, one thing remains constant — that Frostproof Gardening Supply is here for all of your gardening needs.

From fruit clippers to harvesting shears, picking bags, and more, Frostproof Growers Supply is the premier online garden care store. So when you are harvesting your garden, make sure that you have to tools to do so — and in today’s blog, we are going to talk about some of the most valuable harvesting tools that we think you might want to add to your gardening care collection. Continue reading to learn more.

Fruit Shears

Fruit shears like the FGS Economy Fruit Clipper are an invaluable tool that most people don’t know they needed until they use them and realize how much easier that they make the harvesting process. When it comes to harvesting fruit — even if it is even from one small orange tree — picking the fruit by hand can be extremely tasking.

In addition to making the harvesting process easier, using fruit shears is also better for the tree and the fruit itself. By using the shears to cut the fruit from the tree, there is less of a chance that you pull the stem completely out of the fruit — something that will without a doubt cause the fruit to pass its prime state of ripeness much faster. And when pruned correctly with shears, the fruit tree will be better poised to start the next growing season healthier.

Picking Bags

Two other garden care products that are essential during the fruit harvesting process are picking bags like the 80 Pound Cordura Picking Bag and the Clip-N-Pick Telescoping Fruit Picker (Complete). While they both serve very different purposes, both are essentials to anyone that works on or owns an orchard — regardless of its size.

Picking bags are a beneficial tool for two reasons. First, the last thing that you want to do is put a freshly picked fruit on the ground where it can become dirty or damaged. Second, using a picking bag instead of a ground-level harvesting tote can help you to prevent injuring your back from spending the day hunched over from dropping the fruit in the tote.

Telescoping fruit pickers are also an incredibly valuable tool and can save you from injury in a different way. Because a telescoping fruit picker can reach up to 20 feet off of the ground, you will no longer have to risk climbing a ladder on unstable ground to harvest the fruit from the top of the tree.

Reinforced Sleeves

One of the most underrated harvesting products on the market is reinforced harvest sleeves. Whether you are simply picking tomatoes in your garden or picking fruit from a scratchy tree, harvesting sleeves like our Denim Sleeves are the perfect way to protect yourself.

When most people think of reinforced gardening sleeves they think “Why can’t I just wear a long sleeved shirt?” While yes, a long sleeve shirt will provide you with some form of protection from scratches, a branch could easily puncture a shirt sleeve or stinging insect could easily sting through a thin layer of cotton fabric. Reinforced sleeves will protect you punctures, stings, and scratches — making them a valuable tool during harvesting season.

General Harvesting Shears

While earlier in today’s post we discussed the importance of fruit shears, it is important to not overlook the versatility of a general-use shear like the Bahco P123-19 Harvesting Shears. What setsm these shears apart is their curved lopping blades and their ability to be used for a variety of different harvests ranging from thin vines like grapes to fruits, vegitables, and even flowers.

Because general harvesting shears have a bypass blade-style (meaning that they overlap with two sharpened and tapered blades), they are extremely great at making sharp, precise cuts — making the cut incredibly easy and leaving the pruned tree, vine, or bush ready to heal correctly for the following year.

For All Your Harden Care & Harvesting Season Needs, Think Frostproof Growing Supplies

When it comes time for you to harvest the fruits and vegetables in your garden, be sure to visit our online garden care and harvesting tool marketplace.

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