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​The Lawn and Garden Tools You’ll Want Around for Fall

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We know, we know. It’s only the end of July and we’re already talking about fall? Well, back in winter we discussed the garden hand tools for spring, and in spring we told what you’d need for summer. Telling you what you need after you already need it doesn’t do much good, so we thought we’d go ahead and prep you on the tools you’re going to need for fall.

Flagging Tape

Most trees are meant to be trimmed in late winter, and when that time comes around maybe we'll tell you to grab a pole saw. But without any leaves on the trees you might not remember which branches you were going to take off because they were dead. With flagging tape you can mark which branches are dead before the leaves fall, ensuring you trim the correct ones off. And speaking of falling leaves...

A Good Rake

Here’s the problem with most rakes: they’re horrible. If they’re plastic, they break easily or don’t grab the leaves well enough. If they’re metal then they often lose their tines or crossbars, or they bend so easily that you spend as much time bending them back into place as you do raking. Most people are using the cheap rakes they purchased long ago and never get the clean look they want in their yard.

That’s where these excellent landscape maintenance tools come in. Our Corona metal rakes are made to hold up to years of service. The wide one is great for yards, but don’t underestimate the importance of the small 8-inch wide version. It’s a shrub rake, and it’s great for getting those spaces in, around, and behind shrubs (and other plants) that a larger rake can’t reach. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration when you use the right garden hand tool.

Efficient Leaf Scoops

Once you have the leaves in a pile, you have to get them into the bin, right? There are many ways to do this, and most of them take twice as long as they should or are completely awkward and make you feel embarrassed in your own yard.

Enter the Midwest Leave Scoops. Sure, they’re a simple idea, but boy do they work! These work like mini rakes, allowing you to get every last leaf off of your lawn. And they’re very easy to operate because the straps go right over your hands so that they work as an extension of your arms. Trust us, your yard will never be cleaner, faster.

Pop Up Leaf Collector

Okay, so where are you putting your leaves? One of the easiest ways to collect them is with our Kangaroo Container from Fiskars. It sure beats wrestling with a garbage bag, trying to get mound after mound of leaves into it.

Why is it called a Kangaroo Container? Because it pops up when you need it, and when you don’t it collapses into a small disk that you can hang on your garage wall. It has a UV coating and is mildew resistant, so you know it will stick around for a long time. You can put your yard refuse and leaves directly into it or use it as a frame for the garbage bags, keeping them open so that you can fill them much more easily.

At Frostproof Growers Supply, we’re here to get you ready for the next season. Here's to a great fall!

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