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​Why A Gift Certificate Is the Perfect Gift For Any Holiday

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It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a gift for Christmas, a birthday, Valentines Day, an anniversary, or any occasion...a gift card to Frostproof Growers Supply is an excellent option. While gift cards might sometimes seem impersonal, there are many cases in which a gift card is the perfect option for that special someone in your life who just loves to garden, landscape, and grow plants of all shapes and sizes.

What can they end up choosing at Frostproof? The best in garden hand tools, grafting knives, and frost blankets that can make taking care of their plants easier than ever. Oh, and hundreds of other awesome products! So why is a gift card the best option?

You Don’t Know What They Need

There are many reasons you might want to give someone a gift card to Frostproof rather than purchase them a landscaping tool. Your friend or loved one could be across the country, and you simply don’t know exactly what additional tool they need hanging in their tool shed. You might give them a shovel, but they already have three. You could buy them them new shears when all they really want is is sharpening stone to take care of the high-quality ones they already have. Even if you live with someone, their idea of what makes a “nice” tool might be very different from what you think a garden hand tool should be. A gift certificate solves that problem!

It Supports Their Interest

Shopping for people can be hard if you have different interests, and as we just said it can be difficult to get them something if you’re not familiar with their taste in tools. But, you still want to support their interest and let them know that you approve of the way they spend their time! So, if you want to support someone’s liking of gardening and landscaping tools, a gift card from Frostproof is the perfect way to do so.

They Might Splurge On Something

One of the most fun parts about having a gift card is that a person feels a bit more free regarding what they might purchase. Having a gift card to Frostproof means that the receiver will be able to go ahead and upgrade when they normally wouldn’t. Let’s take tree grafting knives for instance. If the recipient is a bit frugal and are looking for new knife, they might decide on a Victorinox grafting knife...a nice knife to be sure. But it they have a gift certificate, they might go all out and pick something they’ve always wanted but never dared spend their own money on, like a Tina grafting knife. Then they’re set for life!

Of course, when they do this, they can enjoy…

The Thrill of Shopping

Here’s the interesting thing about gift certificates: while a person doesn’t get the fun of opening it as they would a traditional present, they do get the thrill of shopping with it! We have hundreds of garden hand tools and other types of landscaping equipment that they’ll have a blast shopping for. We’re sure they can find that perfect piece of gardening equipment they’re looking for.

It’s a Perfect Last Minute Gift

Here’s another reason that gift certificate to Frostproof are such a good idea: they’re a perfect last minute gift. How last minute? Well, all it takes is the amount of time for you credit card to clear and then we’ll send the certificate to your friend or loved one to use. It sure beats heading to the grocery store to get a gift card, putting it in an envelope, waiting for the post office to get it to them, and worrying that it will get lost in the mail. You can even add a nice message to commemorate the special occasion.

You Don’t Have To Ship!

This part’s all for you! Let’s say that the person you’re buying a gift for recently purchased some land and is trimming a lot of trees. You know that the perfect gift for them would be a pole saw, but there’s a big problem...do you have any idea how to ship a pole saw?! Shipping prices go up on items over a certain length, and finding a box for one in order to ship it might also be a problem. Oh, and the post office will increase the price of shipping in the next couple of weeks.

What’s the solution? Give a gift card to Frostproof Growers Supply and tell the receiver what it’s for. We’ll ship it to them — usually for free on items over $40 — and the pole saw will be delivered right to their door.

While a gift card might not seem that exciting at first, there are many advantages that you just can’t deny. It lets the receiver get exactly what they want, and you can encourage their hobby in gardening and landscaping. Grab a gift card today and have that gift sent in no time!

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